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Exhibitor Info

Please read the Show Information and Contract for complete information.  

Check in & Set Up

  • Early items can be stored in the back gravel lots one week prior to the show.

  • A check-in table will be near the fishpond.  Please pickup your packets with badges here prior to moving your items in.

  • Set up times are:

    • Thursday 3/21 2 PM - 12 AM:  Large booths 

    • Friday 3/22      7 AM -   3 PM: All booths

Booth Design

  • Electric is included.

  • Your requested tables & chairs will be in your booths Friday AM.  You must request them to receive them.  No extras are available.

  • No subletting is allowed in any manner.

Entrance & Parking

  • All exhibitors must park in the back lot near the gate and enter through the doors near the fish pond.  This is to ensure that there is enough parking for show attendees. 

  • Badges must be worn to gain free admittance. 

Tear Down

  • Tear down begins after 4 pm on Sunday.

  • All items must be removed by 11 PM Sunday night due to Monday football practice.

  • All items must be removed from parking lots by Friday, March 29th.

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